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Heritage Resort in Rajasthan | Resorts Near Udaipur | Rawla Narlai

Immerse deeply, imbibe wholeheartedly, enjoy zealously!!

Experiencing Narlai

While the enclosed premises of the boutique property house the ‘Rawla’, it is ‘Narlai’, the village & its environs, which in fact combine to form the entire ‘resort’. Think of ‘Rawla Narlai’ as a masterpiece that allows you to extract whatever story you want from deep within its canvas.

Activities & sightseeing go hand in glove here as every pursuit takes you to a different locale with its own unique charm. Be it a mesmerizingly surreal dinner at the 16th century step-well, high tea at the lake, riding thoroughbred ‘Marwari’ steeds that once mounted the royal cavalry & polo team, a village & crafts tour, or the leopard spotting adventure, everything’s on the menu here.

Also, for those who enjoy ‘a walk on the wild side’, a saunter in the jungle or trek up the granite rock can be great fun. Depending on the activity, your mode of transport (other than your own legs if you chose to walk) could vary from bullock-carts & horses to four-wheel drives.

As the famous idiom goes “a picture speaks a thousand words”, we share a few that should speak for themselves....

  • Chaturmukha Jain Temple At Ranakpur
  • Seli Bandh
  • Muchhal Mahavir Temple, Ghanerao
  • Kumbhalgarh Fort, Kumbhalgarh
  • Sun Temple And Amba Devi Temple At Ranakpur
  • Ashapura Devi Temple, Nadol
  • Parashuram Mahadev Temple, Sadri, Near Ghanerao

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