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Mystical Dinner At The Step Well

An evening at the re-excavated 18th century stone step-well or ‘Baoli’ is a spectacle to say the least. The mystical surroundings combine art, culture & history in an intoxicating performance that will quite simply blow your mind.
Encircled by a lush mango grove, your night is lit up by hundreds of brass lanterns & traditional lights that illuminate the step-well, creating a visual impact that is spellbinding. Folk songs by the local ascetic sitting within the step-well add to the surrounding mystic & take you into a happy trance.
Inebriated by the magic & we daresay, our ever-vigilant bar service, you are seated on the top tier of the well & served authentic Rajasthani cuisine in traditional brass plates & containers called ‘thali’s’.

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