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Rural Grandeur.... Rustic Gourmet

While your appetite for the ‘Rawla Narlai’ escapade may never be satiated, we assure you your culinary experience is guaranteed to leave no plates unturned.
The dining exploits here are no different from all other activities, where again, the great flow between the indoors & the outdoors continues as the resort caters to your every mood.

Open From 07:00 a.m To 11:00 p.m

Our bright & cheerful coffee shop welcomes you through the day. Enjoy the multi-cuisine menu under the watchful eyes of the family’s ancestors as they play host through the portraits that proudly adorn the wall. However, if the ‘Rathore gaze’ makes you a tad nervous, a most charming & very private open-to-sky courtyard adjacent to the café offers the ideal refuge.

Open From 11:00 a.m To 11:00 p.m

The designated watering-hole at the ‘Rawla’ is an intimate & lively niche. The décor---‘Rajasthan lattice’ with thatched mud---makes for an aesthetic cocktail that adds to the high spirits of the bars rustic-chic ambience.

Open From 07:00 p.m To 11:00 p.m

Offers you a bird- eye view of the ‘Rawla’ in its lit up glory & our ‘mascot’, the mammoth granite rock, silently standing guard to the village below as it retires for the day. These are the best seats in the house!! The desert sky in its many hues, the faraway flicker of lights from the village temple along with our musicians add extra flavoring to the setting, appetizing your soul well before your palate.

This is where we usher you away from ‘orthodox dining’ & set up your table for an out-of-this-world gourmet experience as we proudly present our ‘piece de resistance’…..

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