Rajasthan – Tempting Reasons to Visit the Country’s Most Culturally Rich Destination

Rajasthan is the place to be if you want to experience a culturally rich destination in India. There is so much to explore here. From heritage resorts in Rajasthan to blazing deserts, eye-catching hills to strikingly beautiful lakes, the list of Rajasthan tourist places is endless. Get pleasant encounters with ages-old maharaja palaces, timeless forts and beyond. There’s something magical here that keeps tourists hooked to it.

Let’s find out a few good reasons to choose Rajasthan destinations to make your everyday count on your holiday trip:

  • Immerse Yourself in Vibrant Rajasthan Culture

Experiencing Rajasthan culture while being there is a unique feeling that can’t be expressed in words. Get accustomed to its rich culture, soothing music, sumptuous food and traditions that you have only read in books until now. Locals are so inviting here that you will never have the urge to leave from here soon.

  • Experience the Charm of Narlai

Narlai is the pride of Rajasthan hosting some of the most famous heritage resorts Udaipur. If you are a great fan of living in a royal style, Narlai’s well-maintained heritage resorts are a great deal for you. The opulence of Rawla Narlai is second to none. Once it was a home to the royal family of Jodhpur but now has been transformed into a luxurious boutique hotel. Experience the enchanting and opulent living in the age-old havelis while you enjoy your trip to Rajasthan.

  • Celebrate Festivals in a Local Way

Rajasthan is a land of festivals, a perfect abode for the one who loves to celebrate every day of his life. Give a spark to your boring life with festival celebrations that are celebrated in Rajasthan every other month. From Teej to Camel festival, Pushkar to Elephant Festival, you have a plenty of celebrations to rejoice. Mingle with locals and celebrate the occasions in a local way.

The Final Takeaway

The vibrant Rajasthan culture gives you enough reasons to explore this pearl of the desert. Enjoy sightseeing, local cuisine and the opulent living in a royal heritage. Visiting Rajasthan destinations brings you the best of both the worlds. So keep this destination as a must-to-visit place during your holiday trip.

Visiting Rajasthan on a trip? Don’t miss out the luxurious charm of Rawla Narlai. We are among the most opulent heritage hotels in Rajasthan that depicts the royal style of Rajasthan. Come and experience the royal living like never before! Call us now!

Top things to know before you go Muchhal Mahavir Temple

Rajasthan’s imposing forts and palaces symbolize the bravery of Rajput princes and princesses. Every city, town and village has a compelling story to tell of days gone by. Hence, there is no dearth of <>historic places in Rajasthan.
All about the Muchhal Mahavir Temple
Among the innumerable tourist places in Rajasthan, the Muchhal Mahavir Temple is a must-visit. This intricately carved Lord Mahavir temple is situated in the Kumbhalgarh Tiger Sanctuary, about 10Kms from Rawla Narlai.
The word Muchhal means one-who-has-a-moustache. There is an interesting legend of how the temple got its name:
The king of Mewar was out hunting, when he reached the temple and decided to rest in the premises for a while. The aged priest offered him prasad (sweet offering). Unfortunately, the king noticed a strand of white hair in the prasad. He sarcastically remarked that probably Lord Mahavir’sidol had grown a moustache. Out of fear the priest nodded. The king said he would partake of prasad the next day, only on seeing the Lord’s moustache.
The priest prayed all night to the Lord. Shri Mahavir appeared before the priest and asked him to cover the face of the idol with a piece of cloth. Next day, when the king lifted the cloth, to his amazement he saw that the idol of Lord Mahavir indeed had a moustache.
The king apologized for his arrogance and took the blessings of the priest before he departed. This is why, among Rajasthan temples , Muchhal Mahavir has become the most popular tourist attraction.
For an unmatched Rajputana experience
There are a plethora of tourist places in Rajasthan that would suit varied tastes. Desert safaris, camel rides, boating on lakes, dinners in heritage hotels, performances by local artists, delicious cuisine, ethnic handicrafts, palaces, forts, etc., there are so many things visitors can enjoy here.
Most monuments of Rajasthan are steeped in history and their grand facades have witnessed many wars, defeats and victories. One such place that has stood the test of time is the Rawla Narlai. Every tourist must experience their Royal tour package and take home beautiful memories.
The package begins with an exhilarating horse riding session. This culminates in a visit to the lakeside where tourists are served herbal tea. At dusk, the hotel arranges bullock carts to proceed to the 16th-century step-well or baori. One can sit back and admire the baori in the mystic glow of hundreds of candles. Local Rajasthani artists put on a live entertainment show, while you sit back and enjoy vintage wines and a gourmet meal.
Raja means king and sthan means abode. Rajasthan is rightly named so because it has so many palaces and heritage hotels. Rajasthan tourism all-inclusive packages include enjoyable experiences like historical monuments, religious places, desert safaris, visiting tribal villages, shopping for handicrafts and trying out their delicious local cuisine.

One of the top Most Tourist Attractions in India – Rajasthan

Rawla Narlai is a magical and mystical getaway from the hectic life of the cities with stressful and troublesome everyday life and is Rajasthan’s famous tourist destination. It is a beautiful place in the countryside near a village located between Udaipur and Jodhpur. Rawla Narlai is an incredible Rajasthan tourist spot, which is attractive and peaceful. If you are a fan of palaces, temples, streets and havelis then Rawla Narlai is sure to amuse you with its charm and there are lots of activities like a wildlife sanctuary and village walk to soothe your tired heart. The local shops provide you with amazing handicrafts, crafted by skilled artisans of Rajasthan.
At Rawla Narlai, you will find a glimpse of heritage and culture infused with quaintness and attractiveness which is majestic and royal. You can experience the traditions and cultures of the Rajputs and Kings in the heritage hotel, Rawla Narlai which has been converted from a palace to a boutique hotel. Rawla Narlai is one of the best tourist places in Rajasthan and you can visit several stunning places and enjoy the attractions around it.
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Here is what to see in Rajasthan around the Rawla Narlai:
Chaturmukha Jain Temple at Ranakpur: Ranakpur is a peaceful town located on the Udaipur-Jodhpur highway and the Chaturmukha temple has hundreds of pilgrims visiting every year. The temple is stunning and exquisitely carved and is dedicated to Lord Adinath, The Jain God.
Seli Dam:This dam is located at a short distance from Narlai and you can witness a great species of birds and animals near the dam that visit the water body to quench their thirst.
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Muchhal Mahavir temple: Situated at about 10kms distances from Rawla Narlai, this temple is famous for an annual fair held on the thirtieth day of Chaitra Mas. The temple is beautiful with intricate carvings and several tourists visit the place every year.
Kumbhalgarh Fort: This fort was built in the 15th century by Rana Kumbha and is situated at a distance of 45 km from Narlai. It is the birthplace of MaharanaPratap and is an important fort of Rajasthan.
Sun Temple: located in the same compound of Chaturmukha temple, this is dedicated to the Sun God. You can witness extraordinary architecture with intricate sculptures made of white limestone.
Rajasthan tourism is an experience beyond explanation with historical places in Rajasthan that are fascinating and mesmerizing. Rawla Narlai is an experience beyond imagination with a taste of culture and peace.