Rawla Narlai – Best Weekend Getaway Near Udaipur

Need a vacation, finding something ethnically rich with the taste of culture in Rajasthan? Rajasthan is a place to visit for the taste of culture with the essence of immense heritage. The tourist places in Rajasthan are endless like the old maharaja palaces, timeless forts etc everything has been created with the very magical touch.

Rawla Narlai is the best Boutique Hotel in Rajasthan near Udaipur, which is best weekend gateway counting in Heritage Resorts in Rajasthan. Rawla Narlai was earlier a hunting lodge of a Jodhpur royal family, which is now restored with the edifice of the 17th century with mesmerising ambience. it is situated in the lap of folds of Aravali, equally distant of a 2hrs ride from Jodhpur and Udaipur, the two most popular cities of Rajasthan.

Rawla Narlai is the best Rajasthan Palace Hotel from which you can visit the maximum heritages of Rajasthan. Moreover, we provide the best experience by enhancing your visit with the Luxury Hospitality with the essence of Rajasthani culture. Rawala Narlai always wanted to create a remarkable trip to Rajasthan.

The services offered by Rawla Narlai are very helpful to add to your memories with remarkable Royal Dining, Luxury Tents, Luxury Hospitality, finely decorated suites touched with the taste of 17th century. The rooms and suites are facilitated with all types of modern facilities and luxurious arrangements. Various rooms and suites offered at the Boutique Hotel in Rajasthan are Grand Heritage, Luxury Grand Heritage, Classic Heritage, Jharokha rooms, Narlai Suite.

Various places are situated near Rawla Narlai you can experience an adventurous trip of jeep safari in the near forest, can explore many sightseeing places like Kumbalgarh Fort, Chaturmukha Jain Temple, Sun Temple and Amba Devi Temple.

All you want to enjoy in Rajasthan is always accompanied by Rawla Narlai, the Boutique Hotel In Rajasthan, living in old age magnificent fort, with a cooperative and better treatment luxury hospitality with the amenities like The Rawla Pool, The Narlai Spa, Fine Diner, J Bar. Get encompass with the rich Rajasthani culture and opulent living in Heritage Resort In Rajasthan. Enjoy the Royal Dining with the traditional dishes enriched with the taste of Rajasthan’s essence. This all sum up for the best Heritage Resort in Rajasthan where you can enjoy the tradition and rich culture of Rajasthan.

Experience the Grandeur of Classical Heritage Hotels in Rajasthan

Who does not want to live life like a king? It’s almost every once a desire. And you can easily make it true if you can prefer choosing at the Rawla Narlai hotel in Rajasthan. You will be surprised to see the Luxury Hotel In Rajasthan, which resembles the royalty and grandeur of the hotel. Along holidays here you will make your ordinary vacation to be delightful. You will definitely have an unforgettable and unique experience. It provides you with the most lavish Lifestyle which is no less than that of a king. Rawla Narlai is the love of luxury that the erstwhile kings possessed.
The luxurious comforts
Rawla Narlai is a testimony to the royalty of the bygone era. You can enjoy your stay with the combination of both traditional and modern compass. It is well known for impeccable hospitality that facilitates pleasant stay in royal rooms. The property boasts a breathtaking view of the hotel. It’s one of the best luxury hotel situated in legendary Rajasthan. The interior architecture is sculptured with an eye-widening heritage of the city.
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Rooms and Suites
Rawla Narlai is beautifully blended with the rich tradition of Rajasthan along with contemporary architecture and facilities. The rooms and suites are completely fascinating with ever grand luxurious comforts. The Hotels In Jodhpur district, Rajasthan furnishes with the Classic heritage rooms, Jharoka rooms, Narlai suits, grand Heritage rooms and many more. The stay can be accommodated 32 lavished plush rooms with spectacular views are designed to relax well.
Experience of sightseeing
There are lots to experience when you choose to stay at Rawla Narlai. You can make your trip more exciting as it is completely surrounded by the beauties of the city. Narlai sightseeing is the best choice for the enhanced beauty of Rajasthan including Seli bandh, Kumbhalgarh fort, famous Sun temple and many attractive places.
The Dining
The guests mainly satisfy their taste buds with the delicious menu at Rawla Narlai. You can try different you cuisines with the true flavour of the cities for the food lovers tattoos on a regular or special dining venues. Enjoy your food comfortably in the arms of the Rajasthan along with luxury spas in Jodhpur. Dining at Rawla Narlai is a wonderful experience that can never be experienced.
Narlai is the best Luxury Spa Resort, the premium getaway resort that resembles the charm and conjunction of kingly Rajasthan. Completely repleted with all advanced amenities and services they endeavour to redesign the era of royalty for guests.

Perfect Destination: A Cup of Tea Near By Lake

Do you want to have a romantic yet relaxing experience with your significant other?
Well, then what could be more romantic than a lake? Right! And the icing on that lovely cake is a cup of tea.
Delight your partner with a beautiful moment by the lake with a warm cup of tea.
One of the most special places to enjoy such charm is in the hidden town of Narlai where you get to experience the rustic charm of it all that will leave you with a lifelong memory to last. Such is the characteristic and intrigue of this town. Rawla Narlai takes you beyond a few countryside trips or traditional heritage experiences; you get to embrace the beauty, taste and feel of it all.
Start your dreamy and lovely day by taking a walk in the village through this close-knit community that is simply happy, proud and of course contended. Could anything else trump seeing someone else as much passionate and jovial as you are feeling?
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And of course, a dinner at such an idealistic place is going to keep the ball rolling for you. Have a welcome drink to begin your starry romantic dinner. Watch the starlit sky unfold above you while savouring the mouth-watering tastes of Rajasthani cuisine. Ignite your taste buds while getting entertained by the local Jogi singing devotional folk songs.
Rawla Narlai also offers you a passionate evening at the nearby lake. With the backdrop of the serene beauty of nature for you to enjoy, this tea experience is not only compassionate but also relaxing for you. Take your partner on this trip, which will be made on the jeep to embrace the sight of numerous migratory birds’ flight. You and your partner surely won’t forget this steaming cup of tea while relaxing under the shade of nature and feeling the cool breeze on your face.
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It’s not possible every day that you can take your partner with you for a vacation where you can enjoy the calmness of nature. Also, there is nothing more romantic than nature itself. It gives you the time to relish the beauty, relax in the sound of water and air and simply take pleasure in the company of your partner.
Rajasthan is a city that offers scenic beauty to walk through that is decades old and from another era. You can get a historic feel from it while walking hand in hand with your loved one and reminisce your days too. So, make sure you give the small little-hidden town in Narlai a visit, when wanting to spend a quiet and romantic experience with your partner.