Shopping in Jodhpur: You Should Never Miss to Visit

Don’t forget to take a foldable empty bag when you are visiting the city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The markets here offer you a unique collection of bright coloured fabrics, beautifully crafted handmade jewellery, classic embroidered footwear and much more. A Rajasthan tour would be incomplete without experiencing the bazaars in Jodhpur.

The bustling markets exude the true essence of the local culture, and their wares reflect the very beauty of this regions. So let’s visit the best shopping places in Jodhpur and buy some things that will remind you of a wonderful holiday…

GhantaGhar (or Clock Tower Market)

If you are interested in the typical Jodhpur jewellery, this is the best place to visit because the prices are very affordable. Now that you have tasted Rajasthani cuisine, maybe you would like to take home some of the fresh whole spices, especially the local variety of red chilli? The market is also a collector’s delight. You will find some of the most artistic and beautiful antiques here.

Nai Sadak Market

If you are wondering what to buy in Jodhpur from among such a vast variety, then there is another market you must visit. The speciality here is the Rajasthani bandhej (tie and dye) fabric. They are available as double width material for gowns or small pieces to use as stoles. You will definitely wish to own at least one piece! Also, explore the curio shops to buy some puppets made by the local artisans.

Sojati Gate Market

While you are busily involved in Jodhpur sightseeing, keep some time to visit the Sojati Gate Market. This is a bustling hive of activity where you can get almost anything in one place. From handicrafts to jewellery, from exquisite fabrics to spices,you can buy something typically Rajasthani. So what’s so special about this market? There is a line of shops where you can get your hands tattooed with traditional Rajasthani henna designs!

Mochi Bazaar

Literally translated, the name means “shoe market”. But the Mochi Bazar sells a lot more than shoes. Of course, you won’t be able to stop yourself from buying more than one pair of shoes. These shoes, called mojris are made from soft leather. They are embroidered with colourful threads and sequins and look absolutely stunning. You can also buy some hand-crafted bangles. These are made of lacquer and are embellished with beads/sequins.

For those who are fond of horse-riding, you must not forget to buy the world-famous “Jodhpurs” or riding breeches. The reception staff of all the 5-star hotels in Jodhpur can advise you on the best place to buy breeches.

Whether you are staying at one of the budget hotels near Jodhpur or a heritage hotel, a visit to the colourful bazaars of Jodhpur will make your holiday a delightful experience.

Enjoy a Luxurious Stay at Hotel Rawla Narlai

Hotel Rawla Narlai, a heritage resort is a delightful getaway that is located at an exotic place with unmatched ambience and luxury of Royal level.

Hotel Rawla Narlai, a heritage resort is a delightful getaway that is located at an exotic place with unmatched ambience and luxury of Royal level. It is a combination of contemporary and majestic essence to provide an unparalleled attitude. The palace is built using the great architecture which makes it spectacular and lavish and royalty and luxury can be discovered at a new level in Rawal Narlai. This boutique hotel in Jodhpur was a hunting lodge of the royal family of Jodhpur and is still owned by them and if you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city then Rawla Narlai has the best to offer to the best group of people. Rawal Narlai is a boutique hotel in Jodhpur that is magnificent to enjoy the friendly countryside of Rajasthan between Udaipur and Jodhpur.
Suites and rooms
Rawal Narlai has 32 rooms and luxury heritage suites that provide remarkable comfort to the travelers and these rooms have been restored with great care to keep the old charm intact. The suites have been designed keeping in mind the antique décor and artistic elegance in such a way that it syncs with the modern amenities and provide utmost luxury to the travelers.
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Amazing dining experience: Rawal Narlai luxury heritage hotel provides refreshing and unique dining experience that serves culinary delights beyond expectations. The authentic royal cuisine served in the courtyard or at the patios is an experience you will cherish forever. The boutique hotel has two eateries namely the Jharokha Café that serves delicacies indoors and is decorated with Mughal and British architecture. J Bar is the second eatery that serves food in a royal and charming manner and is decorated in Rajasthani style.
Rawal Narlai is a luxury 5 star heritage resort near Jodhpur that is located amidst the Aravalli hills. It is a hotel located near a village countryside that is serene and peaceful. This luxury 5 star hotel is like a fairy tale heritage resort that is bursting with Rajasthani culture and has plush and luxurious royal rooms that are designed with marvelous architecture and sophisticated ambience. The resort is a perfect getaway where you can forget all your tensions and dwell in the lap of luxurious and regal Rajasthani culture.

Best Dining Experiences of the Udaipur Hotels or Restaurants

Experience the deluxe dining of “Jharokha café” at Rawla Narai that offers contemporary world cuisine along with Mediterranean and Asian flavours. The rose scented smell of this multi-cuisine hotel is magical. Say a hello for all the senses and palate with this refined Indian restaurant.

Located in the vicinity of the lake, the charming city of Udaipur was the capital of Mewar. Romantic and quiet, Udaipur was built around magnificent blue lakes, reflecting the green hills of the Aravali Mountains. Udaipur was founded by Maharana Udai Singh in 1599. This city; full of beauty, is famous for its connection with Queen Padmini and Princess Meera Bai, linked with the Sisodia family. Very advanced in the science of the time, the old city was fortified with bastions and 11 entrances. The successful James Bond film “Octopussy” was filmed in Udaipur. Not only for beauty and architecture; Udaipur is also popular for its gastronomic value. Five-star hotels in Rajasthan serve to finger luscious dishes with zingy spices and traditional touch.

The last luxurious hotel of the Oberoi group, Udai Vilas overlooks the picturesque Lake Pichola and Udaipur Palace. Built in the “Palace” style and the Mewar tradition, Udai Vilas is a synthesis of the romantic of the past and the comforts of the 21st century. The 30 acres contain fountains, walkways, patios, reflecting ponds, sculptures, frescoes, chests, domes, and niches. Embellished with the typical art of the region, Udaivilas changes with the light of the seasons. The restaurants serve regional and international food, and there is an exceptional spa with a variety of treatments. The day concludes at dusk sailing, on the shimmering waters of Lake Pichola, in which the Lake Palace, considered as one of the best luxury hotels in Udaipur.

Five star hotel in Udaipur

Lotus Café in Udaipur is another place of interest for those who love to try delicious food. It is a restaurant with two floors, so to speak, since next to the kitchen there is a small staircase leading to a small attic where to be a little more isolated and to be able to go more to your where it is easy to find more travellers and where the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. The popular thali is followed by other dishes which are tastier. Rajasthan resorts also prepare various kinds of kebabs that, besides being large and full of food, are very cheap. To sum up: Lotus Café is a worthy place to eat in Udaipur.

Mahendra Prakash is located in Udaipur, 350 meters from Hanuman Ji Temple. It has a restaurant, outdoor pool, and rooms with TV. Free parking is available. Rooms at the Mahendra are traditional in style and feature views of the pool, air conditioning, seating area and private bathroom with shower. Ayurvedic body massages are available. Mahendra Prakash is one of the best Hotels in Rajasthan.

The pagoda terrace offers beautiful views of the city’s fortress and a tour desk, where excursions and sightseeing tours can be arranged. The restaurant overlooks the garden and pool. It serves a variety of Indian and European dishes as well as vegetarian cuisine.

If you want to enjoy spectacular dining in Udaipur, don’t forget to visit Rawla Narai resort. The authentic recipes, scenic views, Rajput paintings, antique furnishing and serene courtyards are some of the major highlights of this place. Enriched with traditional Rajasthani ambience, JBar will give a perfect holiday experience at Rawla Narai. Enjoy your drinks in the tranquil setting of the intricately fashioned bar.

Experience the deluxe dining of “Jharokha café” at Rawla Narai that offers contemporary world cuisine along with Mediterranean and Asian flavours. The rose scented smell of this multi-cuisine hotel is magical. Say a hello for all the senses and palate with this refined Indian restaurant.