Which hotels in Rajasthan have nice views?

Rajasthan has always been a living history book who’s each and every page and chapter is filled with glorious stories of Rajputana. If you want to relive the tales of kings and queens then you need to schedule your stay in Heritage Resorts in Rajasthan.


All the Hotels in Pali Rajasthan ensure your comfortable stay with their world-class facilities. The resorts near Jodhpur are known for offering an incredible experience of Rajasthan’s prosperous olden times as well as hospitality. When it comes to staying in Rajasthan there is a number of heritage hotels & resorts that offer their guest best of comfort and luxury.


Here is a list of some amazing hotels that you can prefer while you visit Rajasthan:


Rawla Narlai

Rawla Narlai


Rawla Narlai View

It is one of the stunning and most-loved heritage hotels of Rajasthan where you will experience the royal treatment. It is located in the scenic part of the Aravalli Hills. If you want to grasp the magic of rural Rajasthan then you need to do your bookings today at Rawla Narlai.


Taj Lake Palace

taj lake palace udaipur

If you are in search of the most romantic hotel in Rajasthan, then your search ends here. This is one of the most beautiful hotels that float on the water of Lake Pichola like a stunning white ship. You can get to see the 360-degree views of Udaipur from this palace. You are sure to fall in love with the food and overall management of this hotel.


Fateh Safari Lodge

Fateh Safari Lodge

If you want to enjoy some mesmerizing scenery with your family, then this hotel is perfect for you. It is built 1100m above the sea level that gives the stunning uninterrupted views of the Aravalli range. You can experience the beauty of the charming village Narlai from this property. This is one of the best hotels in Pali Rajasthan. All the rooms of this hotel are equipped with modern facilities, ensuring a comfortable stay.




You are surely going to make your stay in Rajasthan a memorable one with this hotel. It is beautifully built and is surrounded by Aravalli hills, rural village and temples. Amanbag is equipped with royal and luxurious rooms and offer perfect services with lip-smacking meals, making your stay an unforgettable one.


Narendra Bhawan

Narendra Bhawan

It is one of the finest heritage properties you will come across in Rajasthan in Bikaner. This hotel was transformed after the death of Bikaner’s last Maharaja. You are sure to fall in love with the food served in Narendra Bhawan. It is still preserving its regal pride as well as architectural grace along with bringing modern comfort to the visitors.


Sujan Rajmahal Palace

Sujan Rajmahal Palace

It is located in the pink city “Jaipur”. If you wish to experience the best luxury accommodations of Rajasthan then schedule your stay in this hotel. Every corner of this palace is Instaworthy. Right from Champa room to Kennedy suite, every room has its personal colour pallets as well as personality which will surely amaze you. Don’t miss to enjoy a drink at the Polo Bar, eat European cuisine and take the special massage of Sujan massage.


The Oberoi Udaivilas

The Oberoi Udaivilas

This luxury hotel is a rising golden mirage from the western shores of Lake Pichola. It is beautifully built, ensuring that you have a comfortable and memorable stay with your loved ones. The Oberoi offers stunning pools, delicious food and sprawling bird-filled gardens. The entire staff of this hotel is sure to treat you like the royal kings and queens.


For satisfying all your snooping, heritage resorts in Rajasthan like Rawla Narlai is a one-stop solution for you. Therefore, in Rajasthan, you have an endless number of choices for hotels, resorts and Havelis.


Incredible things to do in Pali, Rajasthan

Pali is the executive head office of pali region in the Marwar district of Rajasthan, stamped out of the former status of jodhpur. It swanks an affluent ethnicity legacy and an amount of pragmatic flee for the inheritance vacationer gazing for a wacky preference. Starting the Mughals to Marwar Rajputs to the resists of the sepoy mutiny, in the present-day pali is recognized for its stunning forts, Havelis and Jain temples. 


Bordering on an jagged triangle, section of pali carve up a frequent boundary with total 8 regions in Rajasthan specifically, in the west, it is Barmar, Jodhpur and Nagaur in the north, in the southeast it is Udaipur and Rajmasand, in southwest and south Sirohi and Jalore and in the northeast it is Ajmer. Whether you are looking for rich culture, modern temples, history, food, or Best Heritage Hotels in Rajasthan, you will get to see everything here. Pali is an abode of beautiful and mesmerizing things. Here in this upcoming blog, we have listed a few amazing things we will also mention some Best Luxury Hotel in Rajasthan. Keep reading to know more…. 


1 Jawai Dam

Jawai Dam

Jawai dam in pali is a spectacular setting that has a lot of birds, crocodile and water. It is a must-see thing in pali which is enough to make your heart go wow! It is located in the rocky hillocks of pali, about 93miles (150km) from Udaipur. This destination is the only spot where travellers get to see migratory birds and leopards in Rajasthan. This dam is located over the Jawai River from Varawal camp outlining a basin that as well crocodile draws many drifting birds like spoonbill, flamingos, cormorants, cranes and herons. It is a well known blissful paradise of birds and the landscape of this destination is mesmerizing. Its innate granite and rocky landscape of hills of appealing contour construct it a superlative blemish for the picnic in the summer as well as winter. 


  1. Ranakpur Temple 

Ranakpur Jain Temple_Pali_Rajasthan_03

Ranakpur is recognized as a very famous Jain temple which is made from blemish marble and one of the very famous destinations for visitors. The place is famous for its amazing work of marbles. Ranakpur temple is situated in between Udaipur and Jodhpur which is Desuri tehsil next to Sadri town in pali region. The assembly of this temple is well predictable in the documentation of 1437 CE copper-plate, words in the shrine and a text written in the Sanskrit language. The words on the pillar beside the main temple show that it is constructed in 1437 at the route of dharanka who was a devoted Jain. The creation continued until 1458. Now, the shrine is renovated time after time, and near it, there is a sun temple which is administered by the royal family of Udaipur. 

3.Heritage resort Rawla Narlai 

It is one of the best Hotels in Pali Rajasthan which is situated in a village known as Rawla Narlai which once used to be a dirt road covered with sand and dust all over in between the Udaipur and Jodhpur (Mewar and Marwar) that surrounded by the beautiful and amazing landscapes offering forest, rocky projections and lakes. The wealth of natural world prepared this vicinity an admired preoccupies for a desired stately excess. This destination allows travellers to experience a beautiful journey through the journey of entire Rawal Narali village and this resort adds five stars to the journey. Simple yet classy and ultra-luxury belongings redesigned to praise the art of the environs. The place offers its visitors with out of the world’s luxury which is enough to make your heart calm and feel like royal. Once you visit this Best Luxury Hotel in Rajasthan, cannot resist staying at least for a week. 

Best Luxury Heritage Hotel – Offers A Regal Experience of Exuberant Luxury

Encircled by the Aravallis, Narlai is the beautiful and picturesque little hamlet located in Udaipur. Apart from the art, culture, and heritage, one will surely witness the extraordinary beauty and the royal state of Rajasthan once they are there in Narlai. Now meet with the best luxury heritage hotel in Rajasthan.


And when it comes to visiting Udaipur, the first and foremost question comes to your mind is “where to live?” So, to solve all your queries, amongst all the Heritage Hotels in Udaipur, Rawla Narlai stands as one of the best places. The place offers the extraordinary experience of fine dining, views and a lot more beyond the expectations. The heritage resort Rawla Narlai, which is the best one amongst Rajasthan Palace Hotel, has industriously crafted a fascinating package that is merely beyond the bourgeois legacy experiences and traditional countryside trips.


Suites and Rooms at Rawla Narlai


There are lots of boutique Hotels in Rajasthan, and Rawal Narlai is one of the most excellent places. Rawal Narlai has 32 lavish rooms and luxury heritage suites. The hotel offers exceptional comfort for the tourists. The rooms are crafted in beautifully and restored with great care as well. When it is about buying hotels in Pali Rajasthan, you can simply go for this one. The suites and rooms have been designed keeping in mind the traditional décor along with the artistic elegance in such a way that it syncs well with the modern facilities and offer utmost luxury to the travelers.


Enjoy the Fine Dining at Rawla Narlai


Each and every tourist opts for the best Luxury Hotel in Rajasthan for the fine dining experience. And Rawal Narlai comes up with the lavish themed with rural grandeur. You can have the best culinary experience. The dining is located preferably for gripping and compelling countryside grace whilst having your appetite.


With your mood and taste, the best resorts Near Jodhpur offer Jharoka Café, which is designed cheerful and bright with a multi-cuisine menu. The Boutique Hotels in India comes up with exciting amenities at an affordable budget. It offers aesthetic cocktails and drinks with the rust-chic ambiance and the greatest Dinner on the Ramparts that will appetize your soul along with the ambiance of the open dining in the night. The hotel is the ideal getaway where you can forget all your stress and anxiety and dwell in the lap of comfortable and imperial Rajasthani culture.


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