Luxurious Trip to Udaipur – Where the Soul Rests

The magical marble mosaic is what defines the Udaipur best. Uncover this beautiful city by staying by lodging in Narlai Village. Situated in back country road of Ranakpur, it gives you a reason to go for an adventure to see the phenomenal attraction in between Udaipur and Jodhpur. Udaipur is covered with the stretched Aravalli Hills and metamorphosed into an incredible place to visit.

This city has mind-boggling palaces, temples, havelis and timeless streets that add the charm to this place. Most of the visitors feel harmony by going for boat rides on the lake and go far from the bustle of the city. You can also find endless tempting shops and best luxury hotels in near Udaipur to live in.

Travel around the city

Tagged as ‘the most romantic place in India’, Udaipur is a major draw for the tourists all over the world. It casts its spell and shows a perfect blend of culture, tradition and history.

While staying at Narlai Village, you can plan to go to various places in Udaipur. Among all the quaint areas, this is the most attractive one. Udaipur is beautifully carrying the splendor of the Rajput rulers and getting the admiration from all over the world. There are many heritage hotels in Udaipur that are perfect to accommodate in and give you the feel of royalty.

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Witness the City Palace

From Narlai Village, you can start your march to City Palace that reflects the grandeur of Rajasthan. There are many buildings and towers that are Palace Complex. As the City Palace belongs to the Mewar family, there are a plethora of reasons that why this palace attracts the visitors. Needless to say, the architecture is awestruck. You can also go to crystal gallery, the vintage car museum, Daawat-i-Aam, Daawat-i-Khas, and Maharani Palace.
Once you are over with your day tour, take the rest in our 5-star resorts in Jodhpur if Jodhpur is your next destination.

Get mesmerized by seeing the Lake Palace

Rajasthan is full with the attractive places and one such is Lake Palace in Udaipur. You can enjoy your stay in 5-star hotels in Rajasthan if you are on a holiday trip to Rajasthan.

Talking about the Lake Palace, it is built on the Lake Pichola and thus, named as such. It is one of the most visited places in Udaipur. Having Aravallis Hills in the background and all the water around, this place has become the attraction for the romantic couples.

Feel the aura of luxury

Rawla Narlai is a well maintained heritage resort. Previously, it was under the Jagir Villages of Jodhpur’s royal family. Still, it is run by the members of Jodhpur family and recently converted into stylish and stunning hotel having all the facilities and mirroring the comfort level. The interior of the rooms are just spellbound and worth admiring. Every kind of room is available here to make your stay enjoyable and treasured. If you are visiting Udaipur, then you must opt for the good staying options and Rawla Narlai meets all your expectations in right term.

Stepwell Dinner at Rawla Narlai – “The Heritage Resort”

Jodhpur is an ancient Indian city, once the capital of the state in Marwar region , also called the Land of Death due to the harsh natural conditions of the Thar desert, on the edge of which the city stands. Jodhpur has its history since 1459, its founder, Prince Rao Jodh, was a descendant of the legendary hero of Ramayana, the valiant Rama. Now Jodhpur is one of the major centers of the Indian state of Rajasthan and a popular tourist destination.
The most exciting part of the city, its historical core – surrounded by a 10-kilometer wall fortress Mehrangarh, towering on a hill above the Lower City. Seven gates in the fortress wall lead to a huge palace and temple complex. The Jasvan Thada memorial is especially attractive for tourists, where you can see the tombs of Jodhpur rulers, as well as the famous Umaid Bhawan palace. Originally the building was used as a royal residence, and now it has one of the most luxurious and Best Hotels in Jodhpur and a private royal museum. Also, the streets of Jodhpur are also impressive. Many buildings are painted in blue, and thanks to this, Jodhpur is known as the Blue City.
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Heritage Hotel in Narlai
Narlai is an exceptional place to wander while you are staying in Rajasthan. It is abundant in characteristics and holds a unique rustic charm within itself. The Heritage Hotel- 5 Star Luxury Resort creates a long-lasting memory for the visitors. Besides the regular traditional heritage experience, this place puts an indulging and exciting holiday package for hotels near Jodhpur while you wander in the small town of Narlai.

Dinner at the step well
Have you ever thought of enjoying a dinner at the stepwells of the ancient times, constructed by some ruler in his times? If no, then Rawla Narlai is your destination to plan for! You can taste the authentic flavor of Rajasthani royalty and hospitality at 16th century old Baoli, also known as Stepwell. You can gather in the courtyard, enjoy a drink with the royal residents who will tell you about the tales and rich history of the locals and the heritage. You can also adorn yourself with traditional scarf and turbans or travel via bullock carts that are arranged at the hotel for the guests.
While traveling through the cart, you are accompanied by a local guide and have a glimpse of the peaceful and scenic villages. The step wells are lit by hundreds of lamp spreading their light under the star-studded sky. Once this phase has passed, you can start enjoying the food that will ignite your taste buds and enjoy the fare that runs for hours after the dinner session. A local Jogi is also present to entertain the guests with the devotional folk songs in traditional melodious voice. The culinary night ends as the guest will be returned to the hotel courtyard in jeeps and served with a cup of herbal tea to calm their minds.
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Tea by the lake
For those guests who love to enjoy nature at its best and feel the royal experience of the can opt to take a trip to the nearby lakes, and get a view to beautiful migratory birds nesting around the lake and chirping in their sweet voices. Usually, the hotel administrators provide jeeps to take the guests towards the lake and provide them with a comfortable stay experience, a hot cup of tea while feeling the breeze and fresh air on their bodies.