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Jodhpur is a luxuriously imperial and elegant traveller goal of remarkable Rajasthan. Sightseers from everywhere throughout the world hit this place where there was raja-upheld Raj culture. Jodhpur is one of the royal cities of Rajasthan which offers astonishing vacation spots.

Dazzling royal residences, strongholds –

  1. This second biggest city in this state is really popular for its dazzling royal residences, strongholds, monuments, and forts.
  2. As the vast majority of the structures in this city are painted in blue, it is known as the Blue City. Its sparkling history can be followed back to the fifteenth century when its foundation was laid by glorious ruler Rao Jodha.

It was constructed by Rao Jodha in the year 1459-

  • Mehrangarh Fort is a captivating fascination of Jodhpur. This wonderful structure was constructed by Rao Jodha in the year 1459.
  • One needs to cross seven entryways to enter the fortification and these doors still talk a considerable measure about the fights which were battled.
  • Each door has it claim history and criticalness. The fortress complex houses an excellent royal residence, exhibitions, and temples. Visit the Moti Mahal or the Pearl Palace to see the imperial glory of the royalty of Jodhpur, the Srinagar Chowki.
  • The engineering and carvings of the stronghold are really interesting. A portion of the new structures can likewise be seen in the perplexing as these were included later by the progressive rulers.
  • Other must-see structures inside the fort are Sheesh Mahal, Phool Mahal, and Takat Vilas.

Visit Umaid Bhawan Palace-

  1. Another well-known charm which commands the place that is known for this city is Umaid Bhawan Palace. This magnificent castle is nestled on Chittar Hill.
  2. The workmanship and engineering of this structure never fail to leave the spectators entranced.
  3. It is a tremendous castle which was at one time the biggest illustrious living regal residence of the world.
  4. Its rich green courtyard nurseries, dazzling palaces, and illustrious ambiance will carry you to a different world of royalty.

Shopping in Jodhpur is an enjoyment in itself. Sweep the bright bazaars of the city and purchase magnificent painstaking work of handicrafts.

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