Desert Safari in Jodhpur: Top most Attraction of Rajasthan

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Jodhpur, one of the top most attractive tourist places in Rajasthan. The sky-high, majestic Mehrangarh Fort elevated over the city is glorious sight and an architectural paragon that has the most spectacular views and the landscape. Located in the center of the Thar Desert with golden-orange colour sand and a dreamy environment where the majestic camels are moving in an apathetic way, the Rajasthan desert safari is a captivating experience. Here are some attractive desert safaris in Jodhpur.

Camel Safari in Thar Desert, Jodhpur

Riding the most acclaimed animal of the state, amazing camel desert safari ride in Jodhpur is an exhilarating experience. Enjoying the exhilarating camel safari amidst the golden sand dunes of the Thar Desert with family or friends is an unforgettable event of life. You will be welcomed on arrival the location by the local people in the traditional Rajasthani way. While talking with the local desert family, it will enlighten you about their cultural heritage. An ancient temple is there to visit in the nearby Osian village.

Camel Safari at Samsara in Jodhpur

Samsara Desert camps pledge a pleasant picturesque setting that enchants a mystical fascinating evening desert safari under the stars. The desert camp extends an exemplary mix of amenities and affluence that proves it to be the best short vacation away from the pandemonium of the city life. Camel safari in Samsara is a thrilling experience that revels in the fun as if you are invited to the Arabian nights in India.

Desert Glamping in Jodhpur

There is nothing more enjoyable, leisure relaxation, and rejuvenation than spending a few days amidst the Thar Desert can be the best desert safari. You need not require setting up a tent. Instead, glamping offers great locales without compromising the comfort and luxury but to stay close to nature. Healthy meals, organic ingredients, and unspoiled surroundings away from the city life with the most thrilling desert expeditions are the main attraction of glamping. There are many desert glamping such as Manvar Desert Camp, Samsara Desert Camp, Hariyali Dhani Camp and many more in and around Jodhpur. Most of the desert glamping maintains local heritage, culture, flora, and fauna. They include desert excursion, village walk, camel trek, and also crane spots which are the  major attractions of glamping.

Hotels in Jodhpur

The former princely state of Marwar, today most well-known destination of tourists, the city of Jodhpur is dotted with many palaces and forts. There are hundreds of the best hotels in Jodhpur will be found scattered in and around the city Jodhpur out of them Balsamand Lake Palace, Rawla Narlai Heritage Hotel, Fort Khejarla, Indiana Palace, Hotel Raas etc. are the famous heritage hotels in Rajasthan.

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