Explore Narlai Village

Do you want to spend your holidays in a village which is surrounded by the natural environment with old mountain ranges like Aravalli?

We, at Rawla Narlai, can suggest you for making a tour to Narlai Village near Ranakpur. It is the right place where you can get a close feeling to the rural Rajasthan. By choosing one of the Best Heritage Hotels in Rajasthan, you can experience a stay within a palace with the Royal culture and the environment including modern amenities.

Narlai Sightseeing places

There are so many sightseeing places near the Narlai village. Some of these Narlai sightseeing places are as follows.

      • Adinath Jain Temple

        It is one of the most famous places to visit in Rajasthan Jain Temples located at the specific entrance of the rural area of Narlai. You can experience a blissful combination of sculpture, crafts, and architecture with a great variety when you will visit Adinath Jain Temple.

      • Kumbhalgarh Fort

        The majestic fort is the truest symbol of the glorious past of Rajasthan. It is one of the best Historical Places in Rajasthan. The walls of the place are adorned with excellent paintings and friezes which are a special culture of Rajasthan.

        • Ranakpur Temple

          It is located in Ranakpur village close to Sadri town within Pali District. The intricate architecture of Ranakpur temple is worldwide famous. It is also one of the five major Jain temples. 

        • Name of the Palace Hotels in Narlai

Narlai village is located at a distance of 36 km from the well-known town Ranakpur. There are many restored hunting lodges which play a major role to attract tourists. Some of the palace hotels in Narlai are Rawla Narlai Heritage Resort, Fateh Bagh, Mahua Bagh Resort and so on. You can choose the Rajasthan Palace Hotel to enjoy your holidays with your family and friends.

We, at Rawla Narlai, have several options to enjoy a remarkable holiday within the environment of Rajpur Royal culture including Rajasthani cuisine. You will get many options for accommodation facilitated with modern amenities which are enough to ensure your comfort and entertainment.


      • A. Where can you stay in Narlai Village?

There many palace hotels in Narlai village. You can choose the Rawla Narlai Heritage Resort as the best Rajasthan Palace Hotel. As it is located at the same distance from the two important cities in Rajasthan such as Jodhpur and Udaipur, it is advantageous to visit many historical places in Rajasthan.

      • B. What are the most popular attractions near Narlai village?

The most popular attractions near Narlai village are Adinath Jain Temple, Ranakpur Jain Temple, Kumbhalgarh Fort, Parshuram Temple, Vedi Temple and so on.

      • C. How to Reach Narlai?

You will get many options to reach Narlai. It is located at a distance of 36 km from Ranakpur and a distance of 123 km from Udaipur by road. You can cover the distance by car or bus easily. Narlai is conveniently connected to the nearest railway station of Udaipur which is also well communicated with several major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Jaipur, Agra, Jodhpur, and so on. The nearest airport of Narlai is Udaipur Airport which has a convenient connection and availability of regular domestic flights to many major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and so on.

Heritage Hotel Rawla Narlai – Where you can enjoy a relaxing vacation!

Rajasthan is one of the leading tourism states in India. There are so many huge forts, beautiful palaces, temples, Havelis and architectural structures in Rajasthan. There are also many Heritage Resorts in Rajasthan. By staying at one of them, you can enjoy a relaxing vacation with your family and friends. Rawla Narlai Heritage Resort is one of the most popular Boutique Hotels in Rajasthan. You will have a unique and unforgettable experience when you will stay at Rawla Narlai, the Best Heritage Hotels in Rajasthan.

Location of Rawla Narlai Heritage Hotel

In the 17th century, Rawla Narali was once a famous hunting manor of the great Jodhpur Royal family. It is located at the foothills region of Aravalli Hills and the place is the nearly same distance from Jodhpur as well as Udaipur. It is advantageous to make a tour for sightseeing places of both famous cities like Jodhpur and Udaipur.

Luxurious comfort and facilities at Rawla Narlai Heritage Hotel

Rawla Narlai Heritage Resort is the right choice for Royal retreat in Rajasthan. There are 32 boutique rooms and different suites which are exquisitely crafted with Royal art and culture in Rajasthan and facilitated with all kinds of modern amenities. Room and suites are classified as Classic heritage, Grand Heritage, Luxury Grand heritage and Jharoka rooms. Rawla Narlai is also one of the best Hotels in Pali Rajasthan. You can get the facilities for swimming pool, luxurious spa, dining and J Bar at Rawla Narlai. You can get a special experience of StepWell Dinner with the famous Rajasthani Cuisines and also the famous Dine Restaurants in Rajasthan.

Facilities for visiting sightseeing places

You will get facilities for visiting several sightseeing places in Udaipur as well as Jodhpur while you are staying at Rawla Narlai Heritage Resort, the Best Luxury Hotel in Rajasthan. Some sightseeing places in Udaipur are Lake Palace, Sajjan Garh, City Palace, Fateh Sagar, etc. and some sightseeing places in Jodhpur are Mehrangarh Fort, Mandore Garden, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jaswant Thada, etc.

We, at Rawla Narlai Heritage Resort, always try to satisfy our clients’ requirements offering an outstanding quality of services. Our properties are well maintained and you will feel a real Royal Culture in Rajasthan by staying at our boutique hotel in Rajasthan. You can book through online for our services at Rawla Narlai. You will get an excellent Royal retreat with the experience of Royal hospitality for a luxurious and relaxing vacation.

Dine & Wine – Delightful Dinner on the Rampart at Rawla Narlai

Rajasthan has a unique appeal to tourists from around the country and the world. With a vibrantly historic local culture and natural beauty, this state is one of India’s best travel destinations. If you are looking for a place to pamper yourself in this historic place, we are here for you with the perfect solution. We bring you the best boutique hotel in Rajasthan, Rawla Narlai. This is one of the best luxury Hotels in Rajasthan to spend some quality time with your family and friends.

A journey to Rajasthan is incomplete without tasting its traditional royal food. Rawla Narlai offers you a romantic getaway for dinner i.e. Rampart. Dinner on Rampart gives an incredible experience of Rajasthani food with the legendary setting. This place is indulged with plenty of Rajasthani dishes which are enough to steal the heart of visitors.

Dinner on Rampart with the best Rustic view –

If you are finding a place to spend some time with your loved ones or finding a way to give a romantic surprise to your heartthrob, then you must try the most romantic dine out on the rampart under the stars. Although Rampart offers you the most amazing and delicious Rajasthani food it also lends you a prodigious bucolic view and enjoys liquor range of classic cocktails and innovative concoctions. Which seems very fascinating and what else is needed to lure our soul. One can feel the scent of love in the air of this place. The state of Rajasthan is famous for its rich culture, and cuisine. Rajasthani cuisine is rich and colorful just like its culture.

This place holds a variety of Rajasthani food filled with sheer creativity and exquisite taste. A vast range for both traditional as well as international including sweet and savory delicacies is available here. This place serves you the best of Rajasthani cuisine that will make you drool instantly. Plenty of mouthwatering dishes are available here to please your heart like Dal Bati Churma, Laal Maas, Ker Sangri, Dil Khushal, Rajasthani Kadi, Churma ladoo, Badam ka Halwa and many more. The royal food of this place will delight your taste buds with a flavorsome spread of gastronomic pleasure.

Rich and colorful culture, heritage and the royal food will tempt you to never leave this place. In spite of all these wonderful experiences, we at Rawla Narlai Heritage Resort offers you the best boutique place in Rajasthan to make your holidays even more worth. Here you will get the opportunity to explore more about the kingly culture and to experience the royal food. This luxurious hotel promises a memorable and truly distinct stay. So if you are planning a visit to Rajasthan then you must visit this place.

Best Luxury Hotel in Rajasthan – Heaven of Great Comfort

Finding a Boutique Hotel in Rajasthan to spend the vacation with your beloved one or family in one of the best luxury hotels in Rajasthan? Mesmerized with the views of nature and reliving in the midst of the sand and the paradisiacal Hotel in Pali, Rajasthan.

Rawla Narlai is blessed with the enchanting beauty of its architecture, tucked in the midst of Aravali range, mesmerized with the countryside. It is an old architecture restored painstakingly as the most renowned Rajasthan Palace Hotel and also Heritage Resort in Rajasthan, themed with the culture and tradition of Rajasthan.

Rawla is the Best Luxury Hotel in Rajasthan, situated ideally between the two major cities of Rajasthan, Jodhpur, and Udaipur. Rajasthan has always been the cities of heritage forts and palaces, and Rawla is the best luxury Hotel in Rajasthan facilitated with various luxuries.

Comfortable Lavish Themed Stay

It is structured with themed boutique rooms for the stay and relishes the culture such as Grand Heritage, Luxury Grand Heritage, Jharoka Rooms, Narlai Suites facilitated with garden hill view, Wi-Fi, study table, closet, electronic safety and many other luxuries that add comfort to your stay.

Taste the Multi-Cuisine Dish

More of it, the dining is quite lavish themed with rural grandeur making sure the guest with culinary experience. The dining is situated ideally for mesmerizing countryside grace whilst having your appetite. With your mood and taste we offer Jharoka Café, designed bright and cheerful with a multi-cuisine menu, J Bar catering aesthetic cocktails and drinks with a rust-chic ambience and the best Dinner on the Ramparts which will appetize your soul with the ambience of the open dining in the night with desert sky accompanied by live traditional music adding taste to your appetite.

Enjoying the Amenities

With the Rawla Pool and the Narlai Spa, relax your mood with these amenities and feel the bliss of the beauty of Rajasthan Palace.

A stay at this paradisiacal Rajasthan Place Hotel is intended to serve you the best stay, seizing the moment of the unmatched tradition of Rajasthan. When you want to taste and live in the grace of heritage searching for solitude and a stay in Rajasthan palace, Rawla Narlai is the Best Resort near Jodhpur and listed in Udaipur Hotels as Rajasthan palace.