Famous Luxury Train Tours to Rajasthan

It is well-known that one of the most famous states of India “Rajasthan” is loaded with so many magical things. Be it Boutique Hotels in India or National park, or food, or culture, Rajasthan has everything. These things are juts enhancing the beauty of this heritage state that has its name in the pages of history. One of another gems is Luxury train tour to Rajasthan by Palace on Wheels, details are enlisted below:


1. Coaches Details in Palace on Wheels

This is indeed a palace on Wheels that has fourteen carriages which are named after former princely states of Rajasthan. The beautiful interiors of this train had specially designed with elegant colours that are harmonized cabinets and aged furniture to offer guests a memorable and unforgettable experience. 


The main beauty of this train is its two kitchen cars-cum-restaurants that serve the excellent dishes from the Chinese and continental foods just like any heritage Resort Udaipur


The coaches have large doors and windows, larger than any other train found in India, to simplify healthier seeing of the route via which the train permits. The speciality of this palace of wheels is the first-class hospitality and service prolonged by the liveried knidmatgars. 



2. Background of the Palace on Wheels 

The palace on wheels began on January 26, 1982, Resorts Near Jodhpur. Earlier Independence, extravagance trains were used by the Hyderabad’s Nizam, the princely states of Gujarat’s rulers and the viceroy of British India. 


This palace on wheels indeed has a charming history that reminds you vibes of old-time and Britisher’s culture and tradition along with their art and architecture. 


Post-Independence, this train was parked for virtually a barrio of a century. It was in 1982, that the Indian Railway and the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation Hurled the palace on Wheels as an extravagance train in Rajasthan. 


Though convinced infrastructural vagaries were thru to the train and contemporary comforts and facilities were added over time that inclusive environment of the train has been reserved integral. 


It is believed that this train’s luxurious decoration has been used to augment the attractiveness of the cores and the majestic stylishness of the prior Rajput kings has been engaged carried out in a restored way. 


palace on wheels journey



3. Interior of the Palace on Wheels 

The interiors of the train convey the luxury, royal elegance and lavishness. The innovative deluxe essence of the train has been reserved integral, unfluctuating as contemporary facilities and amenities have been combined in its body. 


The softness of the bed, the beauty of the wall carpeting, the sumptuousness of the velvet curtains and bed linen along with the delicate traditional stuff are just taking beauty of this train to the next level. 


The cuisine of this train prepared by expert chefs have the ambience of Rajasthan and are decorated developed with attractive and soft colours with antique furnishing. Even you are continental or Chinese fan, you can get the best Chinese and continental cuisine here.


palace on wheels interior



4. Facilities on Board in the Palace on Wheels 

This palace on wheels is another gem of the most precious and luxurious royal trains in India. The services and facilities offered here to the guests onboard attract numerous travellers and tourists from the entire world. 


People often visit Rajasthan just to experience the ride of this beauty of heritage and royal Rajasthan in India. The train provides super deluxe coaches with attractive interiors which are evocative of the splendid epoch of the prior brave hearts of Rajasthan. Be it Boutique Hotels in India or National park, or food, or culture, Rajasthan has everything.


In count, this palace on wheels has two kitchen cars-cum-restaurants that are named after the Maharaja and Maharani, providing most authentic Chinese and continental cuisines. 


This train has some other facilities such as the gym, library, and spa. You can also advantage some amenities such as music, internet, satellite TV and laundry.