Relax and Rejuvenate at Narlai Spa: The Heritage Hotel Rawla Narlai

Rajasthan is the place of royal kings and queens who are known for their valour and historic folklore. The place in every aspect oozes out royalty and give one the feeling of being a king. And staying true to its name the Heritage Hotel Rawla Narlai is synonymous to grandiose and Rajasthan’s Charm.

Lavishing richness – Narla Narai

Narlai is a spectacular village located on the roads to Ranakpur, where is situated the heritage resorts in Rajasthan Rawla Narlai. Located between Jodhpur and Udaipur it offers splendid sightseeing opportunities for the tourists.

These are anointed as one of the many luxury hotels in India, which is a combination of beatific surroundings and royal hospitality.

Enliven the Grandoise

The rooms are no less a magnificent treat for the guests. Decorated with the majestic touch of royal style, they are marvellous extensions of the state’s regalia. There are 32 well maintained and luxuriously designed rooms at Rawla Narai that restores the grand designs of the state and its folklore.

The rooms exude a charming feel and mannerisms of a king that makes living in the hotel both a comfort and a dream come true. If this wasn’t enough, the guests are treated with aristocratic tents that add up to the extravaganza of living in a royal caravan.

Cuisine gravitating taste of Rajasthan

The food is another factor that makes this resort stands out in comparison to others. It’s a delight to dine in open courtyards filled with serenity and enjoy the authentic recipes of the state. Served amidst the bubbly fountain or under the starry sky, replete antique furnishing and walls etched with Rajput paintings will surely take you back in time to the era of splendour and richness.

All-in-all the food is something you would never forget that will bring out the foodie in you. The heritage hotel is a one-stop destination for all those who love to live life like a royal. Visit once, and you will wish to stay back forever. With a gratifying experience that one will cherish forever and fervour that will drown you in its beauty, visit Rawla Narlai to live the royal way.

Enjoy a Romantic Dinner at Jharokha Café

In everyday hectic life, individuals are stranded with work pressure, balancing career and family life meeting deadlines. The routine also demands to take care of health and thus staying fit and working out on an almost regular basis becomes mandatory and so eating not so palatable food which is healthy is obvious. All these tasks and the race tires an individual in and out. One should definitely take some break from these daily tasks of life and go on a holiday and indulge in good food and travel. Once in a while indulging in a luxurious vacation is indeed therapeutic it not only rejuvenates one’s mind but also it brings back the vitality to continue with regular life when resumed.

So if you are planning a trip to India to take a break don’t think twice. You can choose for a star rated luxury stay as there are many 5 star hotels in India. Rajasthan is indeed a good tourist destination. Rajasthan is one very culturally rich tourist destination that will leave an individual pampered in the core of an overwhelming heritage.

There are many heritage resorts near Udaipur, hotels in Jodhpur, all these resorts in Rajasthan are exquisite. In this context, The Rawla Narlai hotel is an absolute bliss for the traveller to cut out from the madding city crowds and enjoy the luxuries. It is considered one of the most premium heritage hotels in Rajasthan.

The resort has amazing dining options. It is truly an experience beyond normal vacations. With Royal Restaurants in Rajasthan and an Authentic Rajasthani Food delve in the culinary delights of Rajasthan. The place has an open step space where one can gather with their loved ones to enjoy the food. One can also enjoy a Romantic Dinner at Jharokha Café there and experience the happiness that life has to offer.

The Jharokha café- It is the resort’s all-day dining restaurant as well as a coffee shop. It offers mouth-watering delicacies on its menu, with handpicked recipes from around the world. With an adjoining courtyard, the café’s space comprises of a palatial dining room as well. The staff of this place is extremely well groomed, catering to the visitor’s request and needs and is seen with a smile. This heritage hotel and restaurant inadvertently offers a serene environment to dine and entwine your sole within its ethereal tastes.

Explore Culture of Rajasthan with a Beautiful Heritage Walk

Art & Culture
Rajasthan signifies the abode or land of kings and the state reflects its royal heritage in every inch of its
majestic forts, palaces, art, museum, havelis , Shekhawati havelis and much else. In fact a visit to
Rajasthan gives a glimpse of the regal lifestyle and Rajasthan culture that was the envy of the world.
Rajasthan also stands for the culture of Atithi Devo bhavo or guests are (equivalent) to Gods and
everywhere you can experience this legendary hospitality. Songs and dances fill their lives as each region
has its unique song & dance forms –and legendary food and brilliant textiles and dresses are the
highlight of your visit. The magnificent architecture is also all around you as you visit the majestic
region of heritage places in Rajasthan. Jaipur epitomizes majesty and is indeed the city of the royals
reflecting in its numerous palaces, forts, temples, havelis, chattris, gardens and parks and much more.
The historical Places in Jaipur attract with the majestic extravagance calling millions of tourists to from
across the world to view the splendid heritage.

A trip around Jaipur- the historical city of Rajasthan founded by Sawai Jai Singh II will be incomplete
without visiting these royal buildings of architectural marvels that establish the royal Rajasthan culture.
Some of these places are:
1. Amer Fort – Most Magnificent Fort of Jaipur
As one of the most majestic hilltop fort complex, it served as the capital of Rajputs for 700 years. Jai
Singh built it by combining Hindu and Islamic architectural elements, to enclose many lavish
palaces, majestic turrets, hillside defences, impressive gates and official secretariat. Walls spell
grandeur with murals, mirrors and glasses. You can spend an entire day admiring Sheesh Mahal or
Hall of Mirrors.
2. City Palace Jaipur
The palace complex is the heart of the Pink City Jaipur and exquisitely houses many elegant buildings
huge courtyards and signature gardens, as a souvenir of its majestic history. The Chandra Mahal and
Mubarak Mahal
are some of the standout structures attracting thousands. thousands of visitors from
across the world visit the City Palace every year. The seven-storeyed Chandra Mahal is situated in
amidst beautiful gardens and a lake. Each floor of the structure has a different name and each wall
is adorned with admirable paintings, lovely mirror works and flowery etchings.

3. Hawa Mahal.
According to legends , the palace was built to enable the purdah clad womenfolk to soak in the feel of
the sights and sounds of the place. Witness enchanting views of the majestic Jantar Mantar, the

celebrated observatory, the grand City Palace and while catching a glimpse of the glorious regal life.
built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1799. From the front, the palace may seem massive, but it the
walls are less than a foot thick!
4. Ganesh Pol
As one of the seven gates of Amber Fort, it is a royal mix of Mughal and Rajput
architectural styles. One of the marvels of the dignified regal living style, it was s built to
access the private sections of the Amber Palace by the royals. The vegetable dyes that
painted the curved gate still retains its shine and the traditional ornaments are
embedded on the gate is something to watch out for. It is the gateway to a majestic
path to the elegant and beautiful royal garden.

5. Possibly the most serene sight amidst the chaos of Jaipur is the beautiful Jal Mahal Jaipur, the Water
Palace. This low-rise symmetrical palace, that once was a shooting lodge for the Maharajah, appears to
float in the centre of Sagar Lake. The light sand coloured stone walls of the Jal Mahal Jaipur are at a stark
contrast to the deep blue of the waters of the lake, while from the innards of the palace lush foliage
Set amid the beautiful Man-Sarovar Lake in Jaipur, Jal Mahal is one of the most popular attractions of
Jaipur city. Built using red sandstone, Jal Mahal is a five storied building. Of the five stories, four floors
remain under water when the lake is full.

Explore the era of the Rajput rulers and walk through the alluring and colorful Chameli Bagh at the
palace. The place is a paradise for bird watchers as you get to spot colorful avifauna species like Coot,
Pochards, Kestrel and Flamingo. The beautiful Nahargarh hills set as the backdrop add to the
breathtaking beauty of the Jal Mahal.

Stepwell Dinner at Rawla Narlai – “The Heritage Resort”

Jodhpur is an ancient Indian city, once the capital of the state in Marwar region , also called the Land of Death due to the harsh natural conditions of the Thar desert, on the edge of which the city stands. Jodhpur has its history since 1459, its founder, Prince Rao Jodh, was a descendant of the legendary hero of Ramayana, the valiant Rama. Now Jodhpur is one of the major centers of the Indian state of Rajasthan and a popular tourist destination.
The most exciting part of the city, its historical core – surrounded by a 10-kilometer wall fortress Mehrangarh, towering on a hill above the Lower City. Seven gates in the fortress wall lead to a huge palace and temple complex. The Jasvan Thada memorial is especially attractive for tourists, where you can see the tombs of Jodhpur rulers, as well as the famous Umaid Bhawan palace. Originally the building was used as a royal residence, and now it has one of the most luxurious and Best Hotels in Jodhpur and a private royal museum. Also, the streets of Jodhpur are also impressive. Many buildings are painted in blue, and thanks to this, Jodhpur is known as the Blue City.
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Heritage Hotel in Narlai
Narlai is an exceptional place to wander while you are staying in Rajasthan. It is abundant in characteristics and holds a unique rustic charm within itself. The Heritage Hotel- 5 Star Luxury Resort creates a long-lasting memory for the visitors. Besides the regular traditional heritage experience, this place puts an indulging and exciting holiday package for hotels near Jodhpur while you wander in the small town of Narlai.

Dinner at the step well
Have you ever thought of enjoying a dinner at the stepwells of the ancient times, constructed by some ruler in his times? If no, then Rawla Narlai is your destination to plan for! You can taste the authentic flavor of Rajasthani royalty and hospitality at 16th century old Baoli, also known as Stepwell. You can gather in the courtyard, enjoy a drink with the royal residents who will tell you about the tales and rich history of the locals and the heritage. You can also adorn yourself with traditional scarf and turbans or travel via bullock carts that are arranged at the hotel for the guests.
While traveling through the cart, you are accompanied by a local guide and have a glimpse of the peaceful and scenic villages. The step wells are lit by hundreds of lamp spreading their light under the star-studded sky. Once this phase has passed, you can start enjoying the food that will ignite your taste buds and enjoy the fare that runs for hours after the dinner session. A local Jogi is also present to entertain the guests with the devotional folk songs in traditional melodious voice. The culinary night ends as the guest will be returned to the hotel courtyard in jeeps and served with a cup of herbal tea to calm their minds.
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Tea by the lake
For those guests who love to enjoy nature at its best and feel the royal experience of the can opt to take a trip to the nearby lakes, and get a view to beautiful migratory birds nesting around the lake and chirping in their sweet voices. Usually, the hotel administrators provide jeeps to take the guests towards the lake and provide them with a comfortable stay experience, a hot cup of tea while feeling the breeze and fresh air on their bodies.