Memorable experiences you should have in Rajasthan, India

If you are travelling to Rajasthan then do not forget to experience some beautiful, royal and authentic activities. It is well-renowned that Rajasthan is full of heritage forts, resorts and history then it’s time to experience everything at its best. Here are some memorable experiences, you should have in Rajasthan, India. 


1. Learn the History and Culture of the Rajasthan

History and Culture of the Rajasthan

If you have a DSLR then it would be best for your Rajasthan tour or can also travel with an android phone. Keep your Camera-ready and learn the interesting culture and history of Rajasthan. 


You can travel the numerous small villages like Dundhlod of Rajasthan to learn the culture, tradition and history of Rajasthan. Their architecture and art of the glass window, fine antiques and mirror work will definitely be amazed you and leave you spellbound. 


If you are travelling with family or friends, do not forget to travel the village “Bundi” as it has so many narrow blue streets that are rich in architecture culture and palaces with admirable sculptures. 


Places such as Chittorgarh, Udaipur, and Jaipur are some of the amazing places to explore and experience the best things in the world. You will also get to make some beautiful stories with Best Heritage Hotels in Rajasthan & the warm-hearted people of the Rajasthan. 


Rajasthan has one of the world’s largest fort Chittorgarh which is loaded with so much history and beautiful picturesque views around it. You can hire a guide to learn more about the fort. 

Apart from forts, Rajasthan has numerous mansions and temples that will definitely make you fall in love with this state. 


2. Thrilling Wildlife Safari in Ranthambore National Park

Wildlife Safari in Ranthambore National Park

Wildlife has a connection with our hearts, whenever we see animals or birds, it just makes us meet them and admire them. In Ranthambore National park, you will get the experience to feel your heart with love and thrill. Wildlife century is associated with the heart of travel for some frequent travellers. 


While travelling to this authentic state Rajasthan in India, you can clasp more sight of the Bengal Tiger during the exciting safari ride. Travellers will be able to see how the wildlife of the National park of Ranthambore is still cared and preserved. You can stay at Rawla Narlai, one of the best resorts near Jodhpur in Rajasthan.


If you are travelling to this Rajasthan, you should know that no trip is completed without exploring the wildlife. So, note this beautiful destination to explore in your travel bucket list of Rajasthan. 


How to get there: 

If you want to experience the adventure and thrill, you need to wake up early in the morning as with five distinct zones at a one time, only twenty vehicles are allowed inside the wildlife national park. 


The Best way to go inside the national park, you need to take canter ride and safari ride. You can fill adventure and thrill in the lap of the national park of Ranthambore in 2 shifts per day, the first shift is in the morning 7 AM and another one in the evening at 2 PM. 


3. Travel the Blue gem of Rajasthan

Blue gem of Rajasthan

Jodhpur is known as the blue gem of Rajasthan as this city exceeded the trial of including in Lonely Planet Travel Magazine cover also. Jodhpur reverberated one of the famous phrases “Raum-Raumsaa, keekarho”, this means hello, how are you in English. 


While exploring this city, you would never resist yourself photobombing and strolling the colourfull shops, houses, and streets of Jodhpur. This city has a magical charm which is enough to make you feel happy and contented. 


While travelling to Jodhpur, you will get to see some beautiful lakes, gleaming streets, Rajasthan Palace Hotel & the authentic stories of the beautiful Mehrangarh Fort.


Diverse Vibrant Festivals of the Desert this Winter

Do you have a plan to enjoy this winter exploring something special? Right! Your plan is good. Come to Rajasthan, the place of the king, to explore the diverse vibrant festivals of the desert including the Rajputana splendour . The pleasant weather will boost up to travel and enjoy the colorful festivals, migratory birds and various kinds of attractive activities in Rajasthan. We at Rawla Narlai, a Heritage Resort near Udaipur Rajasthan, have the option to stay in the classic heritage hotel. You can feel the antiquity including innovative, lavish and exquisitely decorated rooms. Here given some of the places where you must visit to enjoy this winter.

1. Jaipur – the colorful Magnetic Field Festival

Jaipur, the pink city, will offer you the blooming colors of the Magnetic Field Festival in winter. This festival is held at Alsisar Mahal for 3 days with musical extravaganza where you can explore the Rajasthan culture and festivals. Moreover, it will offer you special attractions like rooftop dancing, treasure hunting, desert safari and so on.

2. Pushkar Camel Festival

Pushkar ka Mela is the other name of Pushkar Camel Festival which is a fusion of commercial, religious and cultural activities of Rajasthan. Pushkar is a hub of Rajasthan culture enriched with ancient temples, quaint valleys, and serene lake.

3. Winter festival in Mount Abu

The annual winter festival in Mount Abu starts with the leading procession to Nakki Lake in Rajasthan. This festival involves colourful fireworks, concerts, cultural dance and competitions. Winter festivals in Mount Abu highlight the folk dance performance like Sufi Kathak and Ghoomar, hot-air-ballooning, poetry reading, and kite-flying. You can join some attractive activities of this festival.

4. Migratory birds in Keoladeo National Park

The Keoladeo National Park is one of the most attractive sightseeing places in Rajasthan in winter. This park is also popular as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in Rajasthan. You can come here to spot different kinds of migratory birds in winter including the sightseeing places of Rajasthan.

We at Rawla Narlai offer you the rooms designed with exotic royal charms including the modern comfort facilities. You can choose our offered options according to your requirement and enjoy the Desert Festival in winter with luxury and comfort. We also offer Rajasthani cuisine which is one of the main attractions of Rawla Narlai. You will get the options for the variety of dishes like Gatte Ki Sabzi, Laal Maas, Ker sangria, Dal Baati and so on. Don’t waste your time and take your final decision to enjoy this winter in Rajasthan.

Best Camel Safari Deals in Rajasthan

Camel Safari is one of the best and unique ways to explore the mirages of the great Thar Desert, India. Thar is famous for the vast expanse of sand is filled with dunes and xerophytic shrubs. A trip on the back of the camel safari camp takes tourists to the small villages of Rajasthan where one can see up close the vibrant culture, traditions and colorful of their difficulties.

Camel commonly known as the “desert boat” is much more popular in the state of Rajasthan. Desert Camel Safari is one of the best and unique ways to explore the mirages of the great Thar Desert, India. Thar is famous for the vast expanse of sand is filled with dunes and xerophytic shrubs. A trip on the back of the camel safari camp takes tourists to the small villages of Rajasthan where one can see up close the vibrant culture, traditions and colorful of their difficulties.
A typical Camel Safari leads one to the architectural ruins of Lodurva, the oasis in Anasagar, the SAMM dunes and the Moolsagar water fountain. Also, the Camel Safari also has one of the wild areas of Rajasthan, as well as Bharatpur, Sariska, etc.
Camel Safari Ranks
Camel Safari in Rajasthan focuses primarily on the regions of Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and Bikaner. Rajasthan desert offers different ranges of safaris, such as the short-range safari along Jaisalmer to extended safaris. A camel safari on the Jaisalmer route, Jodhpur, Bikaner has one near the ancient havelis palaces, or the courtyard, temples and other structures of architectural significance. A big city, in general, does not come on this route so that tourists can choose any route.
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Duration of Camel Safari
Tourists can choose Rajasthan Camel Safari tour according to their convenience. Shorter, longer day Camel Safari offers a glimpse of desert land, little more time, one or two weeks long will give a close understanding of desert. Not only would you have the excitement, but you will have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of rustic ambiance, to admire the pure Rajasthan and the opportunity to mingle with the locals. You can enjoy your stay in Rawla Narlai for royal amenities and deluxe facilities.
Points to keep in mind
As camel safaris are usually arranged in winter, desert nights can be freezing, so wool is an essential part of their packaging. It is necessary to wear sweaters, jackets, sleeping bag and blanket. Some of the wool items are provided by the Camel Safari organizer as well.
During the day, the bright sun can be harmful, so you should wear a sun hat, a pair of sunglasses, moisturizers, lip balm, sun cream or cream. During the Camel Safari, you can wear the scarves or balaclava around the neck and forehead. Camel Safari umbrella environment is also available in Jodhpur.
On some camel safaris, mineral water is not a part of the package, in that case, you will need to bring your own bottle of water. Carrying the torch and a knife is also advisable.
Camel Safari in the Thar Desert
Thar of Rajasthan is the only desert in the world that is rich in color and culture (in most other deserts, for example, people use only white), and warm, with the hospitality of the courtly tradition. These find a reflection on the camel safari as well. And the splendor of the desert combined with the experience of camping and riding on it really makes one of the most breathtaking activities for travelers. It also gives life to a time when this was the way a series of elements to create romantic realms in the desert.
When to go
Rajasthan summers are almost unbearably hot and dry, so going on a camel safari during this time is virtually impossible. November to March, when the days are cool (and cold nights!) It is when most camel safaris are organized.