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Camel commonly known as the “desert boat” is much more popular in the state of Rajasthan. Desert Camel Safari is one of the best and unique ways to explore the mirages of the great Thar Desert, India. Thar is famous for the vast expanse of sand is filled with dunes and xerophytic shrubs. A trip on the back of the camel safari camp takes tourists to the small villages of Rajasthan where one can see up close the vibrant culture, traditions and colorful of their difficulties.
A typical Camel Safari leads one to the architectural ruins of Lodurva, the oasis in Anasagar, the SAMM dunes and the Moolsagar water fountain. Also, the Camel Safari also has one of the wild areas of Rajasthan, as well as Bharatpur, Sariska, etc.
Camel Safari Ranks
Camel Safari in Rajasthan focuses primarily on the regions of Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and Bikaner. Rajasthan desert offers different ranges of safaris, such as the short-range safari along Jaisalmer to extended safaris. A camel safari on the Jaisalmer route, Jodhpur, Bikaner has one near the ancient havelis palaces, or the courtyard, temples and other structures of architectural significance. A big city, in general, does not come on this route so that tourists can choose any route.
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Duration of Camel Safari
Tourists can choose Rajasthan Camel Safari tour according to their convenience. Shorter, longer day Camel Safari offers a glimpse of desert land, little more time, one or two weeks long will give a close understanding of desert. Not only would you have the excitement, but you will have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of rustic ambiance, to admire the pure Rajasthan and the opportunity to mingle with the locals. You can enjoy your stay in Rawla Narlai for royal amenities and deluxe facilities.
Points to keep in mind
As camel safaris are usually arranged in winter, desert nights can be freezing, so wool is an essential part of their packaging. It is necessary to wear sweaters, jackets, sleeping bag and blanket. Some of the wool items are provided by the Camel Safari organizer as well.
During the day, the bright sun can be harmful, so you should wear a sun hat, a pair of sunglasses, moisturizers, lip balm, sun cream or cream. During the Camel Safari, you can wear the scarves or balaclava around the neck and forehead. Camel Safari umbrella environment is also available in Jodhpur.
On some camel safaris, mineral water is not a part of the package, in that case, you will need to bring your own bottle of water. Carrying the torch and a knife is also advisable.
Camel Safari in the Thar Desert
Thar of Rajasthan is the only desert in the world that is rich in color and culture (in most other deserts, for example, people use only white), and warm, with the hospitality of the courtly tradition. These find a reflection on the camel safari as well. And the splendor of the desert combined with the experience of camping and riding on it really makes one of the most breathtaking activities for travelers. It also gives life to a time when this was the way a series of elements to create romantic realms in the desert.
When to go
Rajasthan summers are almost unbearably hot and dry, so going on a camel safari during this time is virtually impossible. November to March, when the days are cool (and cold nights!) It is when most camel safaris are organized.

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