The Imperial Narlai Experience

Surrounded by the Aravallis, Narlai is a quaint little hamlet situated between Jodhpur and Udaipur.

Surrounded by the Aravallis, Narlai is a quaint little hamlet situated between Jodhpur and Udaipur. The Narlai village is unlike any other thing you’ll witness in the royal state of Rajasthan. Dotted with temples, caves and thorny outcrops, Narlai is solely visited for the celebrated heritage resort Rawla Narlai. Rawla Narlai offers to its guests an experience beyond vacations. The heritage resort-Rawla Narlai has diligently crafted an intriguing package that is simply beyond the bourgeois heritage experiences and customary countryside trips.

This riveting package includes:

1. Dinner at the Step Well: The experience commences as the guests begin to gather at the resort’s courtyard. Blazoned by turbans and scarf, the guests savor the welcome drink while the royals residing regales them with folklores and village’s history. The visitants are then guided to the destination that is lit by hundreds of lamps. What follows this mesmerizing experience is a culinary experience that ends with a cup of calming herbal tea.

2. Lakeside Tea: The regal visitors can opt for a trip to a nearby lake and enjoy the serene, natural beauty accompanied by a variety of migratory birds nesting around the lake.

3. Countryside Safari: Exploring the neighbouring region of Godwad is also an option for the guests. It can be explored through Jeeps and includes nearby village where one can see skilled craftsmen practicing their trade, traditional working farms and beautifully built temples.

4. Leopard Sighting: The rugged region of Godwad is also a suitable habitat for the leopards. Moving around in customized jeeps, one can witness this graceful, solitary cat. These cats blend magically into the backdrop and sometimes it becomes difficult to spot one.

5. Visit the Cave Temple: About after a 100 steps into the Narlai hill, you will reach a temple inside the hill dedicated to Lord Shiva.

6. Trekking and Train Safari: Rawla Narlai also caters to those with an adventurous heart. To those who would like to venture into the deep and explore the rugged countryside on foot, Narlai offers a few routes not lasting more than a few hours. You’ll be accompanied by guides well-versed with the areas around. Rawla Narlai also organizes half-day drips on the meter gauge train that runs through the countryside.

7. Hike to the Elephant Hill: Those who climb to the hilltop are endowed with a mesmerizing view. The hike of over 700 steps is exhausting yet exhilarating. The summit has a statue of a white elephant and gives a spectacular view of sunrise and sunset.

Rawla Narlai is not just another heritage resort. It is a tranquil getaway and a stroke of luck that lets it guests detach from the city’s hustle-bustle and exposes them to the sober countryside that is as delightful as any contemporary profusion.

Get Ready To Experience Jodhpur Spa Resorts

India is a worldwide famous traveller destination, each year many individuals and groups make a visit to India.

India is a worldwide famous travel destination, each year many individuals and groups make a visit to India. India has a bulk of things to offer to its explorers depending upon their individual tastes and preferences. In the event that you are a desiring an extravagance visit to India, you will pay special heed to search for the luxury hotels. Fortunately, India is home to the lavish treats that will spoil you surely by providing you with the experience of royal spas along with the international food cuisines.

The different kinds of luxury spas possess a look similar to the imperial Indian way of life which was once lived by the Rajas and Maharajas of the olden times. Besides the look, they also give provide such kind of hospitality and treatment to the tourists that they feel like Maharajas of the contemporary period.

The Jodhpur state of Rajasthan for that matter has the best in a class of these kinds of hotels and spas. If you have experienced their welcoming nature, you must be well aware of their high-class treatment and if not then you must definitely pay a visit to it.
The kinds of luxury hotels and spas in the state of Jodhpur are famous for their great style, esteemed conventions and honor winning administration, has invited visitors from around the globe since its origin. The services of these hotels and spas are not provided to compromise with the health and wellness of the individual. Instead, they are rendered to maintain the same even when people are away from their homes.

The city of Jodhpur has been filled with the stunning hotels and spas and is known for its mark treatments. The aroma of the luxury spas welcomes you with open hands as you enter this shelter of serenity. The Spas at the various resorts offer an entire bunch of re-empowering and renewing feel. The people taking up these luxuries tend to experience the peacefulness and genuine enjoyment of peace as well as rejuvenation. The services of these hotels and spas permit you to remember the times of illustrious brilliance which was present in the golden era of the country. What could be more pleasing than relaxing yourself in a shower loaded with blooms, with the aroma of roses amusing to treat and pamper you?
You should, therefore, be ready to take yourself on an adventure of change as you help your state of mind, body, and soul in a spell bounding experience.

With the separated luxurious front rooms and suites, world-class cooking styles, the visitors are spoiled with the spa and ayurveda treatments. Also, the availability of the reviving swimming pool, the all-around fitted wellness focus, yoga and contemplation focus and heaps of the hotels also are something to look out for.
These kinds of opportunities do not knock the door again and again. And if you have the opportunity of visiting Jodhpur the spa resorts should definitely be amongst your list of the things which need to be experienced and visited.

Why Is Camping Beneficial For Our Health?

Camping is one of the finest ways to spend your free time effectively. Camping is not just about staying in the tents, but it also has lots of health benefits. In this Article, we will show you some of the important Health benefits of the Camping. There’s no better feeling than doing camping tours with family and friends. The escapade camping tour is the best thing to do in your free time as it’s also great for your fitness. It is the best way to spend your eminence time with your loved ones, either friends or family. We all must do camping travel around once in a Year at least.

The best part of Camping tours are spending your time in Luxury tents, sleeping, eating and talking with each other in it is just an incomparable moment. We all must have an audacious camping tour at least once in a while so that we can come out from our daily hectic life and enjoy the enjoy the life on a camping tour without any worry. There’s no better sense in this world than spending your time in the luxury tents camping and enjoy the life to the fullest.

Here are some of the reasons why Camping is Beneficial for our Health:-

1. Enjoy the Fresh Air

The best part of Camping tours is that you can take pleasure in the fresh air, just take a deep breath and you’ll receive the unconditional happiness. This will also give a boost to your brain as you are surrounded by the trees, which improves the quality level of oxygen. And Fresh Air also benefits in improving the digestion system and blood sugar level. It’s best to make a sumptuousness tent camping plan at least once in every six months.

 Adventure Camping Tour Camping Tours Luxury Resorts In Jodhpur Luxury Tents Camping

2. It increases the Vitamin D intake

This is best to do once in a while an adventure camping tour with your friends or family. If you still need the motive to do Camping Tours, then you must know that Camping benefits of increasing the Vitamin D intake. As we get the greater experience of Sunlight, which is the main cause of the Vitamin D. Camping Tours can be great for those who have a deficiency in Vitamin D.

3. Great form of Exercising

It’s not just about Luxury Tents camping, but also about walking, running and hiking, which is great for the healthiness. Camping Tours benefit in lowering the blood pressure, decreasing the risk of heart diseases, increases the bone power and is great for the heart. The Adventurous Camping Tours with friends or family can be very beneficial for your health.

4. Reduces the Mental Stress Level

If you feel that you’re always worried or in the stress, then you go for camping Tours persistently as it will benefit you in reducing your stress. When you live out of your daily lifestyles like using the computer, mobile phones, meetings and all, then it will not only give a great relief to your mind but also gives them just the thing rest to your mind that it needs.

5. It makes you sleep better

And finally, the most important benefit of Camping Tours is there. If you are going through sleeping problems, then, in fact, luxury tents camping can come with the benefit for you. According to the research in 2013 from the University of Colorado Boulder, it was said that camping can retune our natural clocks and helps those who find it hard in sleeping or waking up in the early dawn.


Rahul Bansal