A Stay at Rawla Narlai, India’s Best Boutique Hotel

A medley of exotic location, delightful ambience and time-honoured therapies, that’s how we define luxury.

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A medley of exotic location, delightful ambience and time-honored therapies, that’s how we define luxury. The unparalleled and spectacular architectural beauty raises the bar of lavishness and royalty to a whole new level.

Merging the regal essence with a modern outlook, Rawla Narlai is luxury boutique hotel that offers its services to the crème de la crème of the world.

Once a lofty hunting lodge for Jodhpur’s royal family, it was later transformed into a marvellous heritage resort. Still owned by the members of Jodhpur’s royalties, Rawla Narlai is a harmonious getaway from the city’s clamour. Immersed in august magnificence, it serves as a base to enjoy the amicable countryside between Jodhpur and Udaipur.

Rooms and Suites

Swaddling in warm comforts, there are 32 palatial rooms at Rawla Narlai. Accessions to Rajasthan’s bygone royalty, these rooms are carefully restored and emanate a charm unparalleled. Discreet yet lavish, brimming with refined ambiences, impregnated with antique décor and aesthetic richness, and harmonizing the forgotten with the contemporary, these suites were solely designed to render a kingly experience.

Further ramified into 5 different types of accommodations, which are:
– Classic Heritage Rooms
– Grand Heritage Rooms
– Luxury Grand Heritage Rooms
– Jharoka Rooms
– Narlai Suite

Gratifying Dining Experiences

Rawla Narlai offers a refreshingly unique culinary journey which is a treat for all the epicures with a discerning palate. Relish our authentic recipes at patios and serene courtyards. An indulging experience you’ll cherish throughout, the stunning hotel offers 2 delicatessens, namely:

1. Jharoka Café: A café with British and Mughal fragments, it caters to all the guests who prefer indoor dining experiences. Adorned with royal portraits and lavish mirrors, the faint and cloudy lights add up to the romantic ambiance and make for a perfect family dining experience.

2. J Bar: Effortlessly exuding royalty and charm, J Bar is brimming with vibrant Rajasthani ambiences. Perfect for a relaxed yet sophisticated evening, it offers a refreshing range of spirits along with delectable food.

Experiencing the Vicinity

Rawla Narlai bestows memories that would last a lifetime and experiences you’d cherish forever. The slumberous town of Narlai is a source of constant amazement. It not only possesses a stunning boutique resort but also is home to a variety of fauna and is surrounded by forested hills and outcrops. An affair that is simply beyond any other vacation, Rawla Narlai takes you closer to the Mother Nature. An intricately crafted package lets you experience the quaint surroundings of this sleepy, little hamlet. You get to enjoy:
– Dining at the step well
– Tea trips by the lake
– Village walks
– Countryside safaris
– Leopard sighting and,
– Hikes to the nearby hills

A majestic mansion tucked in the heart of Aravalli hills, Rawla Narlai is a fairytale hotel surmounting a peaceful village. A portal to the long forgotten Rajasthani culture, it’s one of the best heritage hotels in the state of Rajasthan.

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