Painstakingly reconstructed by local craftsmen, some of whose forefathers were part of the construction team over 300 years ago. Almost untouched, these masterpieces of heritage echo the legacy of the ‘Rawla Narlai’ & are perfect dens for true lovers of antiquity.

Classically grand with aesthetically manicured interiors, these chambers sit atop the original edifice. Complimented by arches, pillars & antique windows, these rooms provide you the pleasure of ‘living in the past’, albeit in ala mode comfort.

Tradition meets contemporary in these lavish, innovative & exquisitely designed rooms. Despite the opulent interiors, the rooms blend sensitively with the natural surroundings as you embrace unimaginable luxury & enjoy the privacy of your personal sitting area.

High style & blue-blooded comfort mingle with rustic ethnicity in these royal suits of our new wing. The suites exude a timeless sophistication & symbolize classic elegance—-The moment you walk through the door, its luxury at its lavish best!